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Kristof Geilenkotten

Kristof Geilenkotten

Personal Information

  • Personal Information

    Address: Amerikalei 130
    2000 Antwerpen
    Tel: + 32 476 63 58 76
    Nationality: Belgian
    Born: 10 09 1972
    Place of Birth: Kinshasa, Republique Du Congo (Zaire)

    E-Mail :


2018 -2018 Psychology an introduction @ Oxford (online) Paper on brain damage

2016 -2017 Master in Human Resource Management in the Antwerp Management School

2014 -2014 Strategic Value of Customer Relationships in the Wharton School of Pennsylvania

Program topics include:

Product Centricity versus Customer Centricity
Customer Equity and Firm Valuation
Customer Lifetime Value
Managing Customers According to Value
Acquisition and Retention Optimization
Perspectives on Customer Relationship Management

2011 -2012 Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance in the Vlerick Management school

This programme consists of 12 modules and includes the following topics:
‐ Residential Opening Seminar
‐ Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
‐ Financial Planning
‐ Financial Accounting & analysis
‐ Capital Budgeting & Valuation
‐ Entrepreneurial Finance
‐ Mergers & Acquisitions
‐ Corporate Restructuring
‐ Value Based Management
‐ International Finance
‐ Review of Corporate Finance
‐ Residential Capstone Seminar
With regard to the assignments, the student obtained the following score:
‐ Assignment 1 (cash flows, WACC, capital structure and dividend policy): 17/20
‐ Assignment 2 (company valuation, real options): 14,5/20
‐ In-company project “Asoreco: Information Memorandum”: 15/20

2007 - 2009 MBA in the Vlerick Management school, graduated with Great Distinction

03/2008 SP Jain Institute Of management Mumbai, India

  • intensive course on doing business in India.

2005 – 2006 Belgium University of Ghent

Coding theory, Prof Storme and Prof Thas, Master in Mathematics

1996 Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK
Master in engineering (option software engineering) PGdip , MSc

1991 – ... UK, Belgium, Germany
Additional Part-time Courses
Computer language C, Computer language C++, Visual Basic, TTCN , Introduction to V5, ISDN and SS7 (ISUP), Italian for beginners, rational Rose, purchasing techniques, basic accountancy,
Cisco,java essentials, Course on DVB-H and SFN networks, balanced scorecards, DVB-SH, Merger and Acquisition seminar (Vlerick)

Professional Experience

2016 – current Newtec Communications GmbH Germany Berlin
Managing Director

2016 – current Newtec Cy Belgium Sint Niklaas
Director System Engineering and Director PQA

  • System engineering : helping a briliant team of engineers build our Dialog product
  • PQA : the team is responsible for the Product Quality of all Newtec products

2012 – 2016 Newtec Cy Belgium Sint Niklaas
Director customer support globally

  • Responsible for a world wide team of application engineers that deliver services to our customers

2014 – current Snowglider Belgium Antwerp

  • invented a new snow sport concept

1994 – current Hannes Belgium Antwerp

  • inventor, scientist, artist

2011 – current Asoreco Belgium Gent
co founder

  • Asoreco develops cloud based solutions

2010 – 2012 Newtec Cy Belgium Sint Niklaas
Director innovation

2007 – 2010 Newtec Cy Belgium Sint Niklaas
Technology Lab Project Director
Project Director for the R&D department of Newtec

  • Coordination and design of the satflow project : Satflow is a technology to cheaply distribute DVB-T and H to remote towers. It also includes a management plain to control the towers from a centralised location via a secure 2way sat connection

2004 – 2007 Newtec Cy Belgium Sint Niklaas
Technical Product Manager
Coordinating different Newtec Products

  • Technical Product Manager IP demodulator
  • Product manager of the Air Mac Processor. A semi real time device responsible for scheduling the DVB-RCS return link.
  • Technical Product Manager for Mobile solutions

2002 – 2004 Newtec Cy Belgium Sint Niklaas
Embedded software engineer (Linux):
Developing software (mainly embedded Linux on PPC and ARM) for different products:

  • DVB-RCS Burstdemodulator: This device is able to demodulate and decode up to 8Mbit off DVB-RCS return channel (QPSK/GMSK, TURBO decoding, MFTDMA)
  • Generic MonCon module: all Newtec devices use this MonCon module witch enables the user to communicate with the device over different technologies, SNMP, RMCP, FrontPannel, HTTP, Java-applet.

Ported Linux and U-boot to 4 different Hardware Platforms, from A Simple Monitor and Control board to A real time 7 VP30 FPGAS, 8 DSP board.

Participated in the system design and integration of the DVB-RCS hub.

1999 – 2002 Alcatel Belgium Antwerp
External Consultant, Adsl Access Network:
Providing Telecoms and Software consultancy for the Alcatel ADSL Access network. Help with the conversion from C to C++

1996 – 2000 Solinet , Stuttgart, Germany
Senior Design Engineer
Responsible for the design, maintenance and customer contact for the following products:

  • Advanced Network Adapter : This is a gateway for several different stacks, including ISDN and SS7.
  • Emulators: Created a V5 access network emulator, a V5 local exchange emulator and a GSM – RIL3 CC reference object.
  • Embedded controller: Ported our existing ISDN stack to a 68302 micro controller.

1996 – 1996 MAM Software, Wareham, UK
Junior Visual Basic Programmer

1994 – 1995 Comdiam Lier Belgium
Electronic Engineer

Detailed personal information

  • MBTI: ENFP (E=65, N=49, F=11, P=49) (2008)
  • MBTI : Personality type: “The Campaigner” (ENFP-T) Individual traits: Extraverted – 91%, Intuitive – 76%, Feeling – 59%, Prospecting – 55%, Turbulent – 55%. Role: Diplomat Strategy: Social Engagement

Knowing Planning Cooperating Creating
Absolute 6 3 4 11
Percentile 80 31 11 97

CognitiveABS.jpg Cognitivepercentile.jpg

  • Interaction style
Leading Helping Cooperating Following Retiring Crit. Constructive Demanding Manifesting
Absolute 9 10 10 4 5 7 4 7
Percentiles 56 72 97 70 55 41 14 44

InteractionABS.jpg Interqctionpercentile.jpg

outside working environment

  • dadaist
  • coaching young people (in and outside Vlerick)
  • Technology watcher
  • fascinated by personal growth, learning and keep challenging the brains