Zeilboot aan de rand van het water

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Eleonore Mertens

work from this artist can be found here

Magnificent work from Eleonora Mertens, the work is oil on canvas, signed and dated 1896 Exquisite, delicate detail of a river scene at dusk. Excellent condition considering the age.

11 X 16 cm (without frame)

4,3 X 6.2 inches

Magnificient gilt frame also late 1800 in excellent condition

42 X 37 cm (with frame)

16,5 X 14,5 inches

Click on pictures to download a high resolution copy

EleonoreMertens02.jpg EleonoreMertens01.jpg EleonoreMertens1.jpg EleonoreMertens2.jpg EleonoreMertens3.jpg EleonoreMertens4.jpg