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selecting window from left to right is different then from right to left

You can select objects by enclosing them in a selection window. A selection window is a rectangular area that you define in the drawing area by specifying two corner points at the Select Objects prompt. The order in which you specify the points makes a difference. Dragging from left to right (window selection) selects only objects entirely within the selection area. Dragging from right to left (crossing selection) selects objects within and objects crossing the selection area. Objects must be at least partially visible to be selected.

In general, you must include the entire object within the selection window to select it. However, you can include objects with noncontinuous linetypes by including any complete, visible portion of the linetype within the selection window. For example, if a line has a dashed linetype, you can select the entire line by including one or more complete dashes within the selection window.