St petersburg in May

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190000, Saint-Petersburg

Kazanskaya street 33/5, flat 75

tel: +7 812 315 6986

link to google earth


N 59´56´07,43

E 30´20´30,51


date: 25 until 30 05 2006

Exchange rate

100 Russian Rouble = 2.89074 Euro

100 Euro (EUR) = 3,459.32 Russian Rouble (RUB)


the music


Thursday 25th of May

Arrival : 13H 40 from Frankfurt (with flightnumber LH3216) KAV pick up family to deliver to company flat:

190000, Saint-Petersburg

Kazanskaya street 33/5, flat 75

tel: +7 812 315 6986

Vod pick up Ivan to visit office, then pick up Anja for ALC site


Walk: The summer Garden

The palace square

The Alexadrovskiy Garden

26th of May, Friday

Ivan: meeting with ALC staff and contractor


The Peter and Paul Fortress

The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood

The cabin of Peter the great

The Chizhik-Pyzhik smallest monument

The summer Garden

27th of May, Saturday

city trip with guide

Divo Island We will not do this

The Hermitage Central Park of Culture and Entertainment

19:00 The Mariinskiy Theatre “Nutcracker” SOLD OUT

instead we could go to folk dance theatre tickets with the kindjes

28th of May, Sunday

The Peterhof Fountains

Restaurant (“La Strada” B. Konyushennaya, 27)

29th of May, Monday

The Russian Village “Shuvalovka” We don´t think its open we mailed them anyway to ask

Thank you for your interest for our Russian village.

Sorry. But our complex is under constriction. It is close.

It will open in September.

The Yusupov Palace : The story of Rasputin's murder unfolds here! (also has a childrens park

19:00The Mariinskiy Theatre “Swan Lake”

Tuesday 30th of May


Departure: at 19H10 with flight number LH3219