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government owned shop

Clothing, Fabrics & Home Textiles

Colaba, Fort & Marine Drive -- Central Cottage Industries Emporium (behind Regal Cinema; tel. 022/2202-6564 or -7537; daily 10am-7pm) is the large, government-owned, fixed-price shop aimed at tourists, with a reputation for carrying well-crafted items that offer relatively good value (not the cheapest stuff out there but you won't get ripped off). Established during the 1950s in an attempt to sustain traditional handicrafts, the massive showroom is crammed full of everything and anything that's likely to remind you of India. At the very least, a visit here will give you an idea of what items should more or less cost. A better shopping experience, at least from a store and design point of view, is the Bombay

Kihim - Alibag - Beach

Kihim is situated in Raigad district. An ideal beach renowned for natural charm & beauty. Just 120 kms. away from mumbai, Kihim is an exclusive beach laced with lush coconut trees. The inviting part of it is that Kihim is entirely undiscovered and unpolluted. At Kihim, you have an unconventional 'Tent Holiday' with modern facilities attached. The journey to these two destinations is as wonderful an experience as the beaches, if one travels by ferry. The boat journey of more than an hour from Bhaucha Dhakka or Ferry Warf to Rewas Jetty is simply exhilirating. There are now catamarans from Gateway of India which touch Rewas in 30 minutes flat but don't provide the same romance as that of the ferry. Of course, one can travel by road but it is not the same and is too time consuming. Rewas Jetty is just six km from Kihim. Both these places have turned into a weekend retreats for the rich and the famous who have their bungalows along the beach and in the interiors. The proximity to the city is the main asset of the beaches and tourists throng them in large numbers. In fact, much of Alibaug's charm has been lost due to the presence of too many people. On Sunday, Alibaug resembles Juhu beach but with greater scenic beauty.Accommodation is no problem as there are many resorts

Marching Destination: By Road: Kihim - Alibag - Beach is about 130-140 kilo-meters away from Mumbai, 12km away from Alibag. By Rail : Nearest railhead is panvel 85 kms. By Air : Mumbai is nearest airport (136 kms away) By Sea : Nearest port is Rewas 6 kms.

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22 03 2008 Saturday

  • leave at 11:10

23 03 2008 Sunday

  • arrive 00:20

24 03 2008 Monday

25 03 2008 Tuesday

26 03 2008 Wednesday

27 03 2008 Thursday

  • Leave 07:35 morning
  • arrive 22:30
  • staying in hotel from Vlerick

28 03 2008 Friday

  • Kristof Vlerick
  • Nicola Bazar and looking at stuff
  • staying Do not known yet

29 03 2008 saturday

  • Elephanta caves
  • Evening to Kihim
  • staying kihim

30 03 2008 Sunday

  • Go to Kihim
  • staying in Kihim

31 03 2008 Monday

  • In kihim
  • staying in airport Night flight (to be checked)

01 04 2008 Friday

  • NWH Leaving 00:50
  • KGE Leaving 02:10
  • NWH arriving at 14:00
  • KGE arriving at 07:40