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Ivan Geilenkotten

FOCUS bvba
De Zevenster 9
2970 Schilde



Phone: 03/353 97 76
Fax: 03/353 97 77
Mobile: 0475 / 45 51 90

E-mail: ivan@geilenkotten.com
Website: www.geilenkotten.com


2008 – 2009 Inter Ferry Boats (IFB) n.v.
Company of the NMBS Freight Group.
Mission: Adapt the company to the changing environment; the liberalisation of the Railways.

2007 – 2008 SUEZ Environnement
Strategic Consultant
Development of water and waste activities in Belgium.

Managing Director
See www.ahlers.com

2002 - 2004 ic. ANTWERPSE WATERWERKEN n.v.
See: http://www.aww.be/

2000 - 2001 Vandeputte International, Vandeputte Group
Managing Director
One of the biggest European companies in Personnel Protection. Vandeputte offers the right selection of products and services to create a safe environment.
See: www.vandeputteinternational.com

1996 - 1999 Ter Beke (Fresh Food Group)
Group General Manager of Operations
On the takeover of several companies, the mission was to integrate these companies and implement a master plan to improve productivity and in the longer term, to decrease the number of factories.

As General Manager reorganised Les Nutons, Marche-en-Famenne.

1995 1996 DAF Trucks Vlaanderen
General Director
The mission was to make the company less dependant on the mother-company and from the cyclical truck market. Quality had to be particularly improved to the service level of DAF Eindhoven. A very important issue was Human Resources, a difficult relationship with the unions and a lack of motivation by the employees.

1990 - 1995 General Biscuits, Belgium - Group
Industrial Director
Integrate the company into the parent group Danone and to improve total productivity to become more competitive on international markets.

1989 - 1990 IGLO-OLA (Unilever)
Logistic Director
Buying, planning, distribution and co-packing

1983 1988 Group Danone (ex-BSN)
1988 Alken-Maes
Industrial Director
Merging of Alken-Kronenbourg and Maes Breweries.

1987-1988 Alken-Kronenbourg
Industrial Director
Responsible for operations in the board of the group.

1985-1986 Alken-Kronenbourg in Alken
Plant manager
Reorganisation and integration within the Group.
Improvement in productivity.

1983-1985 Alken-Kronenbourg in Zulte
Plant manager
Integration of the company into the BSN Group
Implementation of a Master Plan

1976 1982 Artois Breweries, Bottling Centre,
Plant manager

1971 1975 Brasseries Bralima, Kinshasa
1971 1973 Production engineer and production manager
1973 1975 Technical Director
Until the Zairanisation at the end of 1975

1970 1971 Heineken Breweries, Rotterdam,
Bayreuth, Den Bosch.


Xaverius College (sj) Antwerp

1970 Catholic University Louvain
Chemical Engineer, great distinction

Catholic University Louvain
Engineer Breweries Thesis: Biochemical study of Flocculation, great distinction

1976 1979 Vlerick School for Management
(University of Ghent) MBA

1986 1988 Insead Fontainebleau, Cedep
International Management Program (MBA)

Other courses:

Financial management (Prof. Ooghe)
Activity Based Costing
Total Quality
Business Process Reengineering
Balanced Score Cards

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