England August 2006 Preparation

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Thank you for booking with SN Brussels Airlines

Your flight has been successfully registered on Tuesday, 6th Jun 2006. An email confirming your booking will be sent to UK@nicolawhite.be within three hours.

Please take note of your flight reservation number:


Your flight information

Passenger information

Adult 1: Ms Nicola White Child 2: Miss Emily Geilenkotten Child 3: Miss Charlotte Geilenkotten

Flight Details

Flight number From - To Departing Arriving Cabin Status SN2039 Brussels - Birmingham 18/08

 09:25 	18/08
09:35 	Economy  	 CONFIRMED

SN2044 Birmingham - Brussels 22/08

 16:35 	22/08
18:45 	Economy  	 CONFIRMED
Fare details
Passenger 	 Fare 	 Taxes 	 Fees 	 Number of passengers 	 Total
Adult 	 30.00 	 77.95 	 10.00 	 1 	 117.95
Child 	 30.00 	 77.95 	 10.00 	 2 	 235.90
 	Amount: 	 353.85 (EUR)

Ticket delivery


For traveling you do not need a printed ticket. Registering for the flight, please, provide the reservation confirmation received by e-mail.