Dutch Window Cleaner

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The story

This work was commisioned by a dutch window cleaner. He wanted to upgrade his footware to enable him to clean windows more efficiently and faster.

Permanent exhibition

The "dutch window cleaner" will be part of the permanent exhibition of "Pelhrimov Museum of Records and Curiosities" in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic from the beginning of 2010 onwards



The pictures


Foto's in the museum

The introduction of the work to the general public was on 01/03/2010

The work can be found on the second floor of the museum

Foto1.jpg Foto2.jpg


For the people still doubting this ...

of course it doesn't work , do not try this at home


Of this work 5 (five) numbered copies are made with certificate

  • 1/5 is in the artists collection
  • 2/5 is in the museum in pelrihmov
  • 3/5 is for sale
  • 4/5 is for sale
  • 5/5 is for sale

The price of the work is 1800 Euro's of which half is to be donated to a good cause (preferably the local school)

other works

Other art from this inventor can be found here and here : Darwin's Bumpy Clown