2005 in short

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What happened to us in 2005

  • Emily and Charlotte had the Chicken pox
    Charlotte with early stages of chicken pox!
  • Nicola started a landscape and garden design company http://www.nicolawhite.be
  • Kristof hit the national papers with a prank http://freyaliegtniet.be
  • New geilenkotten website
  • We went to the Czech Republic
  • We went to Holland , Texel
  • Charlotte started walking and using the potty
  • Kristof started wearing glasses
  • Kristof started a course in mathematics (University of Ghent)
  • Kristof did an external presentation on embedded linux http://www.elinux.be
  • Nicolawhite.be got its first major contract for a retirement home in Moerzeke
  • We did a website for an ostrich farm :)
  • Emily got her first Diploma (Swimming)
  • Charlotte started to swim (doggy style)
  • We have a new member in our little family; Razzle Dazzle our pet rabbit ...
  • Kristof has his first grey hair, Nicola has her last dark hair
  • We went to London for a weekend to see an "avant premiere"
  • Charlotte had her first day at school
  • Emily did her first school play
  • Kristof and Nicola had a weekend France, without offspring