A seasoned snowboarder

When I first tried the snowglider I made the mistake of not using it to its full potential. I was merely snowboarding on the snowglider, which was cool as it is faster than a snowboard but when I learned to use the mechanism to steer and control the 3 ski's I truly had a great experience. You can just point the snowglider downhill, it stays stable because of the 3 points in the snow and you can just steer it with little effort!

A longboarder

Because Snowgliding is a totally different experience then most boardsports, it was a bit heavy to get in to it. But after some PowderShowers I was experiencing the incredible acceleration this thingy has. Going full speed and putting big slides is pretty fun when u want to try something new on the snow. Only one downpoint, it's unidirectional: So if u're bombing switch, u better make it down the hill.