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How does the following program works

Solves all sudoku puzzles for you

Lots have been said and discussed about solving Sudoku puzzles automatically.

The program above works in two modes .

It first creates a list of possible entries for all the empty squares. (1 loop in each dimension of the 3 dimensions , horizontal, vertical and within the block)

If then searches for the square with the least possiblities and spawns X new sudoku puzzles with N-1 unknow squares where N was the nr of unknown squares of the previous Puzzle.

These X puzzles are then recursively analysed again


  1. 3 dimension check of puzzle with N unknown
  2. search for one of the squares with the lowest amount of possibilities
  3. spawn X puzzles with N-1 unknown entries
  4. check if puzzle is solved ==> if yes print out and exit
  5. feed them to this algorithme again